Blue Planet Network

Our mission is to exponentially increase the impact of safe drinking water programs for people around the world.


PackH20 – Help Carry Hope

For people in water-stressed regions, the PackH2O is a life-changing alternative to buckets and jerry cans designed to carry water home — from a social innovation company. Designed to ease the burden of carrying household water from access point to home. PackH2O has a removable liner that, after use, is easily sanitized with exposure to sunlight. With a spout for dispensing water and a puncture-resistant outer shell, PackH2O is a safe and effective way to store clean water. The water backpack holds about 5 gallons (20L) of water – the amount of daily water used by people in developing economies.


U.S. Water Alliance

The U.S. Water Alliance, a 501(c)(3), was established in 2008 to break down the “silos” and provide sector-wide leadership for building a national platform for holistic water policy. The Alliance is committed to uniting people and policy for water sustainability in a changing climate. That means convening, inspiring, and educating to change the way America views, values, and manages water–from quantity to quality, above and below ground. The Alliance emphasizes the importance and value of each aspect of the water cycle and promotes more integrated, sustainable management of water and watersheds (a concept we call “one water” management). The Alliance focuses on changing old paradigms, such as shifting the perception of water from invisible to invaluable, and integrating more green infrastructure into the gray.


Clear Water Initiative

We run more than 40 programs in rural, hard-to-reach villages in Northern Uganda. Our core program is our village partnership program, where we work with a local village to build or rehabilitate a water facility – such as a protected spring or well – and then help the village set up a governing committee, form a savings plan so funds are available in several years for upkeep and future repairs, and provide community education on water issues.


The Fledgling Fund

We are a private foundation driven by the passionate belief that film can inspire a better world. We know that the power of documentary film often happens when the lights come up and people can connect with the issues in new ways. How does this happen? This happens with thoughtfully crafted plans designed to move audiences to action. We support our grantees in their efforts to design and execute these plans. The primary way we do this is through grants that support outreach and audience engagement. We also share our knowledge, experience and the lessons we have learned to help them navigate an evolving field and identify resources that can advance their projects.