Home DVD

SlingShot on Home DVD is now available. Per DVD cost is $15.79 plus shipping and handling.

"Vast implications for Global Health." 
- New York Times, Ben Kenigsberg

"SlingShot is a Global Humanitarian Necessity” “If you want to make an indelible gift impact on your family, your friends, your children and yourself, SlingShot is a certain success." - Huffington Post, Bill Robinson

"A documentary you can recommend to everyone who cares about the human race." - Pat Burns, Grand Magazine

"A remarkably noble quest by a brilliant scientist, inventor, engineer and philanthropist, who is doing good in a world too full of hatred, hardship and strife." - James Vermiere - Boston Herald

"Fascinating from beginning to end...A compelling character study of a likeable do-gooder whose only regret is that he has but one life to devote to his fellow man." -, Kam Williams

"...noble quest to provide clean drinking water in the developing world." - Los Angeles Times, Martin Tsai