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STEAM & STEM Education


  1. Even with more than 13 million Americans unemployed, the manufacturing sector cannot find people with the STEM skills to take the nearly 600,000 unfilled jobs.
  2. For every one available job in the United States, there are 3.6 unemployed workers, for every two available STEM jobs there’s only one unemployed STEM worker.
  3. 65 percent of those with Bachelors’ degrees in STEM fields earn more than Master’s degrees in non-STEM occupations.
  4. 47 percent of Bachelor’s degrees in STEM occupations also earn PhDs.
  5. One half of all STEM jobs don’t require a four year degree and pay an average of $53,000, which is 10% higher than non-STEM jobs with similar job requirements.
  6. In the science and math portions of College/University entrance exams, a third of the takers said they were too challenging, and 28% said they were not prepared at school to seek further education in these areas.
  7. Only 16% of American high school seniors are proficient in mathematics and interested in a STEM career.
  8. Within five years, the need for STEM qualified candidates will rise by 31%.
  9. The US average annual income for an engineer, a very STEM specific career, is $79,000 compared to the overall annual income of $45,790.
  10. Currently, there is an unemployment rate of 4.1% amongst STEM occupations in this country, while the national average is 5.5%.



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